A Christian Worldview

The Christian Worldview of Good Works is expressed in our “Vision of Hope” document.


This document came to be through the life, experience and learning of the Good Works community, primarily expressed in the words of Keith Wasserman. It was first written in the mid 1980’s, a few years after Good Works began. Along with Keith, former staff member Bob Carter was particularly instrumental in helping to express our foundational philosophy. As God assembled people into the community from various generations, denominations and perspectives, their insights inspired many unique contributions to this writing. Most of the matters voiced here were initially experienced in the midst of daily life, and understood and written about in hindsight. Staff member Dawn Tobin rewrote the Philosophy of Ministry in 2011, with Keith’s oversight. It remains a living document—never complete as we keep seeking the Holy Spirit’s illumination.

The purpose of this writing is to honor God through inspiring, teaching, reminding, and encouraging the Community of Hope towards the core values of our life together. Primarily a visionary document, we seek to express the joyful goals that are ahead of us. Examples of how we are experiencing these ends in our everyday life are also included. We desire this article to be useful to people who are learning about our community, are preparing to join us in service, or are currently living and working with Good Works. We assume most readers are familiar with the Christian faith and have some knowledge of the Bible. We heartily acknowledge that this expression of our vision is not exhaustive or complete.

Download the “Vision of Hope” PDF.