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Keith Wasserman has been traveling and speaking about being involved in the lives of the excluded for over 36 years. Keith speaks 80-100 times a year around the US on topics related to how the church in-action cares for those who are vulnerable, those considered ‘unimportant’; those who struggle with poverty and those scripture calls “the widow, the orphan and the stranger”. He speaks at Sunday morning worship services, youth groups, university classes, seminary classes, men’s groups, women’s groups and civic clubs.

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To arrange for a presentation on Good Works history/ministry,
contact Keith Wasserman by phone at 740.541.0816 or e-mail.

  • This 27 minute sermon was given at St. James UMC in Little Rock Arkansas as part of a weekend lecture series in April 2017.
  • This 45 minute presentation  about the mission and vision of Good Works was given to the Church of the Messiah in Xenia, Ohio.
  • This 12 minute presentation “What would a community look like based out of the ethic of hospitality” was given in Chicago. Keith reflects on the impact of the work of Christine Pohl.
  • This presentation entitled HOMELESSNESS: THE VIEW FROM THE OTHER SIDE Part 1 and Part 2 was given at Cornerstone Festival in July.
  • RISK YOUR LIFE FOR A CHANGE: Steps to opening opportunities for individuals and organizations to help the poor and needy. Drama along with the parable of the hallway explains how we begin the journey of ministry through commitment. To listen to this message, we have MP3 files available! The message is in 6 parts:
  • THE POOR YOU WILL HAVE WITH YOU ALWAYS? Keith challenges us to live out the Kingdom of God by inviting the poor into our social lives. A sermon given at Ebenezer Church of Christ.

Presentation topics:

  • HAVING A PASSION FOR COMPASSION: a motivational talk about being involved in the lives of people who cannot repay us. Keith explores the contemporary values of worship, fellowship, discipleship and evangelism and explains how these cherished kingdom values still fall short of God’s will for the church to DO JUSTLY!
  • GOD GOES THE DISTANCE: A motivational talk about how Jesus relates to the woman from Samaria in John chapter four. Keith explains Jesus’ unique approach to conversation with this woman and how this relates to Jesus’ approach to people who have experienced rejection and abuse.
  • GOOD WORKS PHILOSOPHY OF MINISTRY: An interesting explanation on the five areas of the Good Works ministry.
  • LIFE PRAYERS: A motivational talk about the adversity revealed in the lives of Joseph, Job and Jesus. This presentation focuses on the importance of having life prayers and how these prayers shape us into deeper people who love and know Christ.
  • THE MISSION: This message explores the five questions Moses asks God in Exodus three. Keith explains that everyone in mission must ask these very questions and that if people are not asking these questions, they are not in mission.
  • THE RITE OF PASSAGE: A Power Point presentation on the rite of passage year Keith and Darlene took their son Timothy on to give him a lens through which he would see people in poverty around the world and a reference point for the rest of his life.
  • WITH WHOM IS GOD CONCERNED? This talk reveals the people God is most concerned about and why. Keith explores the issues facing the three people groups spoken about in scripture over and over again: The widow, the fatherless and the stranger.
  • HOMELESS BY CHOICE? This message explains why Keith has taken journeys into 11 cities in the US and what he has learned from being homeless by choice.