Getting Help from Neighbors Helping Neighbors

If you would like to get help from Neighbors Helping Neighbors…

Kay and Thelma

A neighbor in Glouster gives his ok to the construction of his new ramp.

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All ages can help to construct, repair or maintain the property of someone who is a widow or disabled.

Call us at 740-594-3336 and tell us that you are interested in getting help through Neighbors Helping Neighbors (NHN). We will briefly discuss your project with you. Then we will send you an application and the Guidelines for NHN to provide us with some information (these are also below for you to download and print). After you fill it out, send it back to us. We will then set up a time to come visit you and assess the project for which you are seeking help. A simple agreement will be written up to help us both understand what we can do and what we cannot do. We will then identify volunteers who are able to help you with this project and set up a day for them to come to your home. Occasionally we can manage ongoing projects like mowing your lawn.

Do you know someone who may need help? You can be an advocate for them. We accept referrals from children whose parents need help, from neighbors with friends needing assistance, or from agencies whose clients need services they are not able to provide. Please call us. Though we usually prefer to have direct contact with the person we are serving, you can be the link to getting this person the help they need.

This initiative also includes supporting people so they can have a vegetable garden on their property. You can learn more about Good Gardens by clicking here.


Neighbors Helping Neighbors does have some limitations…

Neighbors Helping Neighbors 2Although we provide the volunteer labor to do the project, we do not provide materials to do the project. These must come from your own resources.

Since we are dependent on volunteers to complete these projects, we are not able to do projects on an emergency basis. While we do not want to minimize the urgency or significance of your current emergency, we are not able to respond to these types of needs in a way that will be satisfactory to you. Nevertheless, we encourage you to submit an application since at any time we may have a volunteer available to help you.

We also do not guarantee that your project will get done nor are they done on a first-come, first-served basis. Selection of projects will be based on the following factors:

  • Availability of volunteers
  • Number of volunteers needed for the project
  • Skill level of project and skill level of volunteers
  • Urgency of need
  • Safety and well-being issues take priority over cosmetic concerns
  • The resources you have available

This is not a general contracting service. It is simply volunteers helping you with your project. We do not guarantee the work being done nor do we commit to completing your project. We will do the project to the extent that we have volunteers available. However, it will be our desire to complete all projects in a timely manner to your satisfaction.

Finally, Neighbors Helping Neighbors is ministry for the people of Athens County, Ohio. We are not able to serve people outside of Athens County.

Click here to view NHN Guidelines

Click here to print a NHN Application

Click here to view a Statement About Our Lawn Care Services

Click here to print a NHN Application for Good Gardens.

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A Word About Donations

We do not charge for this service nor will we accept financial contributions at the time of doing your project. However, one of the best ways for you to show gratitude to those helping you is by spending time with them. You may also want to offer refreshments or a small lunch if you have the resources to do so. Occasionally the volunteers bring their lunches with them and will bring an extra one for you. Sitting down to lunch with them is a great way of saying, “Thank you!”

However, should you come into funds to help us with the expenses of this initiative, a donation would be very much appreciated to help defray the expenses associated with providing this service. These can be made after your project is completed and sent to:

Good Works, Inc.
P.O. Box 4
Athens, Ohio 45701