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January 1st, 2017 marked the start of our 37th year!!! This Newsletter explains some of the history of Good Works and invites you to participate!

Updated April 27, 2017

  • To read our April 2017 Newsletter, click here.
  • Our 2017 Work Retreat season began in March.  On an average year, we host around 40 groups who come to Athens and participate in Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  Last year, we visited and served 61 families or individuals, and led around 225 different projects at their homes!  Maybe you’d like to explore a conversation about bringing a group for a week or weekend this year?
  • Week of Service is a short term internship we offer to anyone, age 16 or older who would like to come to Good Works for a week and join us. Know someone who might enjoy spending a week with us this year? Encourage them to contact us for an application.
  • THE 15TH ANNUAL GOOD WORKS WALK took place on Saturday, February 18th, 2017.  About 400 adults and children participated in five educational and inspirational WALK experiences.  Click here for an article in the Athens Messenger.  We feel so thankful for great weather and all the encouragement and support we received.  Our financial goal is to raise $60,000.  This would cover about 1/3 of the total costs to operate The Timothy House this year.  We are a little over half way to our goal so please consider helping us, will you?



  • Click here to view a short video on the Good Works Timothy House Weekend Volunteer Opportunity.
  • We are welcoming people to apply for the Appalachian Immersion Internship.  Interns live in the Hannah House and are offered a wide range of hands-on experience within the ministries of Good Works.
  • If you are not already connected with us on Facebook, we want to encourage you to “friend us” and receive updates on Good Works each week.

Friday Night Life entered year #24 this spring. Each week a different group sponsors the meal for 120-140 adults, teens and kids. FNL moved back to the Good Works property in April and will remain there through October. We are looking for groups to sponsor one FNL meal this year!  You?



Every Friday Night, Good Works provides 35-45 individuals and families with “take home” food. People sign up during Friday Night Life and the food is provided at 7:30 pm each week.  Want to do a food drive for Good Works?



Good Works provided car #159 in late March 2017 to another participant in the Transformation Station!  As people donate cars to us, we are able to provide them to people who need them and who are willing to volunteer their time to serve others in the community.



The community of Good Works facilitates experiences for about 1,100 volunteers each year. On Saturday, January 28th, we hosted another Community Development Day and presented a range of opportunities for our volunteers to learn more about the different aspects of Good Works while connecting with one another.  Participants in The Timothy House, Friday Night Life, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Kids Club, and Good Works Gardens participate. Our next Community Development Day is planned for Saturday, April 15th as an affirmation lunch.

2016 NEWS  …

  • We found these five recent audio presentations on poverty in America to be very helpful in terms of increasing our understanding and perspective on the very complex issues involved with being poor in this country.
  • This talk (scroll down to October), presented on October 9th at Christ United in Richmond, Indiana is about opening the doors of relationships with people in our communities who struggle with poverty.
  • This hour-long talk by Keith Wasserman was recorded on Sunday, September 18th. This is the story of Good Works and some of the basic foundational principals of the ministry God has trusted us with.
  • Andrea Horsch and Keith Wasserman have written an essay entitled Good Works Timothy House Beyond the Numbers (released February 2016).  This essay offers perspective and analysis on some of the numbers we have been compiling for the past 9 years. 

GW Timothy House 2016

  • LISTEN to a short audio story about the Good Works Timothy House!



2015 NEWS  …

  • On Sunday, October 25th, Good Works held a public presentation/conversation with the people of Athens County to talk about the way in which we provide shelter, changes we have instituted, and our desire to continue to be a good neighbor as we operate the only home for people without homes in 8 rural Southeast Ohio Counties.  The event took place at Central Avenue UM Church (westside) and was followed by an Open House at the Timothy House.
  • Check out this video about the summer at Good Works produced by Priscilla Thomas.
  • Ohio Today, a publication of Ohio University for alumni, published a two page article entitled  Embodying The Humanitarian Spirit about the work of Good Works and Keith Wasserman. You can find it on page 37.
  • This talk “Community Is The Means By Which We Carry Out Mission” was given by Keith Wasserman last spring at River of Life Community Church in Hudson, Ohio.
  • This 30+minute interview with Keith was recorded by Gospel Neighboring.

2014 NEWS  … 

  • Keith & Darlene Thanksgiving 2014Keith and Darlene Wasserman are opening their home to men, women and children the Timothy House can not assist based on space limitations. They provided 143 nights of shelter at their home last year.  This initiative, called Sign of HOPE started in February 2013. Each night the Wassermans go to the Timothy House and walk over to their home with the residents they are assisting.  Sign of HOPE has two bedrooms and can assist up to five people at one time.  The city of Athens does not have any laws regarding how many guests a home owner can have in their home or how long they can stay. 
  • Thanks to our friends from Grove City United Methodist Church, The Good Works property has a N E W greenhouse. 
  • Greenhouse finishedTwelve minutes with Keith Wasserman. This 12 minute video was recorded in August as Keith provided an overview of Good Works to conference in Chicago.
  • Click here to see a new downloadable PDF entitled GOOD WORKS BY THE NUMBERS.
  • This 25 minute interview with Keith with Gospel Neighboring took place in mid March.
  • This  45 minute presentation on the biblical vision of Good Works with given by Keith to the Church of the Messiah in Xenia.
  • photo2014 marked the 10th year of the Transformation Station. 
  • 2014 marked the 20th year of the Good Works Luhrig Road property.  This property was purchased in 1994 and ushered in the beginning of the ‘debt free’ era.
  • 2014 marked the 30th anniversary of the Timothy House which was purchased in 1984.  Since 1984, Good Works has provided 100,000 nights of shelter at The Timothy House.

2013 NEWS  … 

  • 2013-09-06 17.44.34The community of FRIDAY NIGHT LIFE celebrated our 20th anniversary in May.  This monumental event was attended by a LOT of people even though it was raining and we lost power for the whole evening.  We began FNL in the spring of 1993 and held the event at Central Avenue United Methodist Church for about eight years before moving to The Plains United Methodist Church. Today, FNL is held on the Good Works property for six months and at the Plains UMC for six months. We are always seeking groups to sponsor one meal each year.
  • Our new trail dedication took place in October on the Good Works property. In addition to the beautiful hiking experiences enjoyed by adults and children of all ages, the event honored John Knouse who donated more than 500 hours of his time overseeing hundreds of volunteers during the past few years. 2013-04-30 16.32.44
  • In January, Keith and Darlene Wasserman started a new initiative in their home to directly assist people experiencing homelessness in southeast Ohio who are being turned away from The Timothy House due to lack of space.  Their initiative is called SIGN OF HOPE.
  • The United Methodist Church conducted a series of interviews with our staff which resulted in this on-line article. 



  • Through our initiative in agriculture, Good Works launched 19 gardens in Athens County in 2015.  Two gardens are located on the Good Works properties, one is located in The Plains at Three Rivers apartments.  The other gardens have been planted at the homes of friends we have met through Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Under the leadership of Doug Schmaltz and with the help of many local volunteers, Good Works is committed to growing our agricultural initiatives in 2016.20130710_113216 - renamed
  • Please visit the Good Gifts store this year! Our motto “Buy a gift, Change the World” was developed because each gift you buy helps people from developing countries (the two-thirds world) earn a living wage.  Good Gifts is located on the Good Works Luhrig Road property and is open most days (M-F) from 10:00am – 5:00pm.  Good Gifts is a Ten Thousand Village Store.
  • Keith speaks about 50-80 times a year around the US on many topics related to the ministry God has trusted us with.  This talk was given at Asbury Theological Seminary’s Kingdom Conference:

    You can save this sermon and listen to it later.  Just right-click the media player and select “save as” to save the file to your computer.

  • We have developed a seminar entitled “The Gospel to the Poor — A Practical Biblical Theology.”  For the handouts for this seminar, click here.
  • Matt and Beverly Hale have written a unique bible study on Righteousness and Justice.  This study was originally developed as a workshop for University Students associated with the Navigators and has been adapted for Good Works.  It is available here:  A_study_in_Justice_and_Righteousness.  Matt and Beverly were on the Good Works staff for several years working with Friday Night Life and our Life on Life mentoring program.  They currently live and labor in ministry in inner-city Detroit, Michigan.
  • Would it surprise you to learn that Good Works has struggled to find funding for the ministry God has entrusted to us with here in SE Ohio?  Take a look at these statistics and you may be surprised to learn what we have discovered.  If you know of a foundation which funds the kind of projects we are committed to, please contact us.  To read about the Reality of Fundraising in SE Ohio, click here.