Hallowed Ground Agricultural Internship

The Hallowed Ground Agricultural Internship is a long-term, live-in experience available to anyone seeking to grow their faith through worship in the context of our agricultural initiative, Good Works Gardens.  Hallowed Ground interns are required to make an eight month commitment, beginning in late March, and continuing on through the end of our growing season, in November.  Over the course of the season, interns will work alongside Good Works staff and volunteers in agricultural activities on our property and at the homes of the people we care for in the community.

Hallowed Ground (HG) interns will be immersed in the community life of Good Works.  Interns will be expected to attend staff gatherings and will be included in community events like Friday Night Life and meals at the Timothy House.  HG interns will be housed in the Good Works Hannah House on our Luhrig Road Property and will share that space with Appalachian Immersion interns, the Hannah House manager and occasionally, members of Work Retreat groups.

Theological and spiritual growth are important parts of the Hallowed Ground Internship experience.  Interns and staff will gather weekly to pray, worship, read poetry and grow together.  Part of this experience will be a weekly discussion of selected works from authors such as, Wendell Berry, Ellen Davis and Fred Bahnson.

Each intern will be paid $500 per month to cover living expenses.  However, interns will expected to make an intentional effort to raise support for their time in our community.

Gardening and farming in Christian community is an ancient practice.  We see our work as an act of worship.  When we till the soil and plant seeds, we are interacting with Creation and by extension, the Creator, Himself.  We want to invite others into this form of worship.  We desire for our neighbors, volunteers and interns to experience the health, dignity and spiritual growth that comes from working a garden.

For more information on the Hallowed Ground Internship or to request an application, please contact Doug Schmaltz at 740.594.3339 or goodworks@good-works.net.

Internship Timeline

Applications Due:  March 3rd

Move-In and Orientation:  March 30th

Summer Teen Agricultural Internship begins:  June 19th

Summer Teen Agricultural Internship ends:  August 4th

Last day of Hallowed Ground Internship 2017:  November 15th