Academic Internships

Good Works has been offering academic internships since 1989.  We want to provide the experiences and supervision that will help to shape the perspective of your education. It is our intention to make you aware of the issues people are facing as they struggle with poverty, homelessness, employment, mental/ emotional health, and recovery.  Good Works internships can involve adults and children who participate in the many initiatives we provide.  Our many years of experience will provide you with a perspective that will enable you to advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Academic internships will vary based on the class assigning the experience and the length of time required for the internship. We are willing to explore the particular requirements of the professor/teacher and discuss an academic internship with you.

All academic internships are supervised by Andrea Horsch, who will assist you in designing an internship experience that meets the requirements of your class or degree program. Our overall goal with any academic internship is to create a way for each student to experience personal and professional growth and development.  A weekly schedule will be created for you that will include regular meetings with staff who will assist you in reflecting upon your experience. For further information, contact Andrea Horsch at 740.594.3339 or e-mail us at