Summer Kids’ Discovery Club

Adrianna+socksSince 2008, this partnership between Good Works, The Plains United Methodist Church, and countless individuals, families and businesses has provided a summer packed full of character-building fun, learning, and action…topped off with healthy and delicious food to boot! We meet each day for the Discovery Club and the Community Lunch at The Plains United Methodist Church on the corner of Johnson Road and 682 on The Plains.

Under the leadership of Good Works’ staff, interns and volunteers, the Summer Kids’ Discovery Club seeks to provide a safe, cost-free and meaningful summer-long experience for kids from all backgrounds between the ages of 5 and 12. Through one-time presentations on a variety of topics such as the universe, reptiles, African drums, healthy dental practices, insects, and farming, community members can share something new with (and sometimes, learn from!) the kids who participate in the summer with us. Local businesses and parks also welcome us for walking field trips throughout the summer; we have visited The Plains Community Park, the Post Office, Foodland and more!

At noon every day, the doors open to the community to join us for lunch in the Family Life Center.

ATCO+Horses+KDCIn addition to one-time presenters for Discovery Club, we are seeking people who are willing to serve as weekly volunteers with us. Weekly volunteers can serve with the Discovery Club to assist with oversight of the children, help out with activities and be an encouraging presence by making a commitment to come 1-2 times a week AND/OR assist in the preparation of lunch for about 50+ children and adults.

The 2017 Summer Kids’ Discovery Club, and Summer Lunch, will take place from June 19th to August 4th.

Click here to view the 2016 Summer KDC flyer. 

For more information on how to plug in, contact Emily Axe at 740-594-3339 or email

The registration form for KDC will be available May 2017! 

Daily Kids’ Discovery Club Schedule
9:00 AM Arrival and Check-In of KDC participants at The Plains UMC
9:30 AM Daily activities begin (Children may be divided into several groups depending on the days activities and presentations)
11:10 AM Faith Time begins (Children are separated into two separate age groups)
11:45 AM Discovery Club transitions into Community Lunch (Discovery Club is sectioned into its own lunch area)
12:00 PM The Community Lunch begins, followed by unstructured free time
1:00 PM Discovery Club ends and children should be picked up!