Luhrig Road

2013-08-18 09.09.48The facilities located on the Good Works property:

  • The Administration Building is the primary connecting point to Good Works for the public. You can reach the staff by calling 740.594.3339. Keith Wasserman works from this facility and can be reached at 740.541.0816
  • The Transformation Station is a facility on the property as well as a program that gives people an opportunity to volunteer and to receive “Thank you” gifts in return.
  • The Hannah House is home to Life in Transition. It also has two offices and several staff that work from here. You can reach them at 740.594.3336.
  • The Hope Center is intended to provide a large gathering space for the many groups who visit Good Works. There are also several staff who work from this facility. You can reach them by calling 740.594.3339.
  • The Carter Cabin is located in a remote section of the property for people who want some time for prayer, meditation and reflection, and Bible reading. You can reserve the Carter Cabin by calling 740.594.3336.
  • Our Recreational Facilities which include a picnic shelter, amphitheater, a small Basketball court, a volleyball court, and a playground are located here and are used for many Good Works events, but are also available for rental.
  • The Amphitheater is a facility that seeks to make the performing arts accessible to people struggling with poverty.

The ministries that operate from this property:Picture 003

  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors is an outreach to Seniors and people who struggle with a physical disability in Athens County who need help with the maintenance of their property.
  • Senior Friends gives volunteers the opportunity to visit senior citizens at their homes on a regular basis.
  • Work Retreats (Short Term Mission Teams) gives groups the opportunity to volunteer in practical ways on Good Works properties and throughout Athens County.
  • Summer Service is an intensive part of Work Retreats in which groups and individuals stay with us for a period of time getting involved in various aspects of Good Works.
  • Summer Kid’s Discovery Club is part of Summer Service that provides lunch and activities for children K-6th grade.
  • Hannah House Life in Transition gives people a stable place to live while also participating in a Christian community; giving them the opportunity to address the life-controlling issues that resulted in their homelessness.
  • Friday Night Life is held on this property April through October each year.
  • The Good Works WALK, a fundraising event specifically for the Timothy House, is administered from this property.
  • Our Volunteer Opportunities gives you a chance get involved in the Community of Hope.

The Small Businesses that operate from this property:

2013-07-25 17.07.58These small businesses operate with the goal of creating income for Good Works which helps us cover some of our utility costs.

The internships that are focused on this property:

  • Appalachian Immersion is a full-time internship for people who want to spend a 3, 6, 9 or 12 months in ministry with Good Works.
  • The Hannah House Internship is a part-time internship for people who want to share their lives serving with Good Works while living with people who have been homeless or struggling with other life-controlling issues.
  • The Summer Service Internship is an intensive 9-week experience working with our visiting groups during Summer Service.
  • Academic Internships are arranged with Andrea Horsch to meet the requirements of a high school or college class.