Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Can you help me?

Vanderwoude with Billie Jo and Ben 2

The ministry of Good Works is about loving God and loving our neighbors. Sometimes loving our neighbors means providing a place for them to live. Other times it means sharing a meal together. We also love our neighbors by giving them a place of service so they can love their neighbors. Sometimes our neighbors are children and sometimes they are senior citizens.

In the above picture is a neighbor who needs a ramp built. There is a neighbor who needs a bike and volunteered for the day to receive one. There is a neighbor who is interested in the children learning to have regard for people who struggle with poverty and age and isolation. But they are all neighbors, whether nearby or far away.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is our effort to love our neighbors who are elderly and/or disabled. We want to provide volunteers to these types of low-income homeowners who are not able to care for their property.

This initiative also includes supporting people so they can have a vegetable garden on their property. You can learn more about Good Gardens by clicking here.

If you are seeking assistance at your home by having volunteers come to help you, click here:

I would like to get help from Neighbors Helping Neighbors. 


If you want to help our neighbors who are struggling with poverty and disability, click here:

I would like to volunteer with Neighbors Helping Neighbors.