2016 Summer Internship Ministry Description

The purpose of Summer Service with Good Works is to enable this ministry to extend its
work in the community while also providing a channel through which the church can serve those people who are close to God’s heart. The people who participate in the Summer Internship supervise Summer Service. They provide key leadership, developing the volunteers for the service they will be involved with. In addition, Good Works is seeking to create a context for leadership development for the intern. Although a small compensation is provided with the internship (plus housing and food), it should be viewed as more than a summer job: this is an opportunity for you to develop leadership skills for ministry and get actual hands-on experience with developing people for service. Living with the Hannah House community is an experience that will require an investment of your life into the lives of others. The people you will be developing relationships with will include:

  • Residents in the Timothy House
  • Residents in the Hannah House
  • Our neighbors seeking help from Neighbors Helping Neighbors
  • Transformation Station Volunteers
  • Worship Team leaders and members
  • Good Works staff
  • Other interns
  • The Friday Night Life community
  • Good Works volunteers
  • Guests to the ministry

This experience is intended to be an immersion into ministry to the widow, the fatherless and the stranger, calling for you to confront issues within yourself that keep you from doing this. This will require an adjustment of your social life for the period of June 12th to August 13th. Here are the dates that you will need to be aware of to participate in the Summer Service Internship with Good Works:


October, 2015 Good Works begins accepting applications for the Summer Internship
March 31 Deadline to submit an application
April Conduct interviews with internship candidates
Early May Announce decisions for summer internships
June 11-12 Interns move into the Hannah House
June 12 Summer Service begins with a welcome BBQ
at the home of Keith and Darlene Wasserman
beginning at 5:30
June 13-17 Intern Orientation
June 19 The first worship team arrives
June 20 Service to the widow, the fatherless, and the stranger begins!
August 5 Last day of Service for Groups
August 8-12 Intern Closing Week and Intern Banquet
August 13 Summer Service Ends
August 13-14 Interns move out of Hannah House

Note: All interns who are accepted for the Summer Internship are expected to be present for the entire internship from June 12 until August 13.

Intern responsibilities will include:

All interns are required to participate in the Orientation Week, June 13-17. This
week of training will include:

  • What is involved in living within the Hannah House community
  • Supervision of groups called Worship Teams
  • Scheduling for the summer
  • Preparing for your responsibilities
  • Safety Training

Hannah House

  • To live in and nurture the community of the house
  • Be the host of the house for the evening
  • Share a room with a resident or another intern

Worship Teams

  • Lead groups in arrival orientation
  • Be the catalyst for the spiritual development of the group
  • Supervise groups in the various tasks they are assigned to
  • Develop and lead teaching devotionals for the groups; interns will divide up the teaching responsibilities


Intern Personal Growth/Group Meetings

Good Works views Summer Service as not only about completing projects but also about our opportunity to develop people for the Kingdom of God. These efforts will be focused on the interns in the following ways:

  • Wednesday Afternoons – This two-hour session will include worship, evaluation of the previous week, preparation for the upcoming week and the study of a book for our growth. All interns will participate in these Wednesday sessions.
  • Daily Morning Meeting – Plan for the day, assigning group volunteers to various tasks.
  • House Meeting – Discuss issues related to living in the house and community.
  • Friday Staff Educational Meeting – Participate in the regular staff development session.


Each intern will be assigned to one of the following ministry areas:

Work Projects on Good Works properties supervised by Jim Todd

  • Work closely with the leadership of the groups to maximize the efforts of the group members
  • Make sure that all group members are conducting themselves in a safe manner
  • Oversee the execution of projects being worked on

Neighbors Helping Neighbors supervised by Buddy Ballard 

  • Throughout the summer we will come alongside many individuals in the community who live in their own homes but are no longer able to care for their property
  • The intern will supervise volunteers on these projects ranging from mowing lawns and yard work to various construction projects
  • Facilitate the developing relationship between the person being served and the group members

Summer Kids’ Discovery Club supervised by Emily Axe

  • Develop and supervise interactive activities with children in the community
  • Connect with visiting community presenters
  • Supervise volunteers in these contexts
  • Lead field trips
  • Work alongside staff preparing daily community meal

Timothy House supervised by Fran Bissell 

  • Supervise group volunteers coming over in the evening. One night a week the interns will participate in the evening activities at the Timothy House, bringing over 2 members of the Worship Team to interact with those living in the house.
  • Assist with activities in the house
  • De-brief with intern and group volunteers at the end of the shift

Teen Agriculture Internship supervised by Doug Schmaltz

  • Supervise teens on gardening projects
  • Help teens integrate connect with the Good Works community

Summer Lunch Internship supervised by Darlene Wasserman

  • Plan and prepare lunch for children and adults, Monday through Friday
  • Supervise volunteers working in the Summer Lunch

If you have any questions, contact Paul Richard at 740.594.3336 or e-mail him at