Summer Lunch

7 WEEKS:  June 19th to August 4th, 2017

Monday through Friday from 12:00 pm (noon) to 1:00 pm

SummerLunch13Since 2009, we at Good Works have provided a daily meal with our neighbors who are struggling with poverty. In partnership with The Plains UMC, and located in The Family Life Center, we have called this the Summer Lunch. As we look forward to the coming summer, we are planning to once again hold this life-giving lunch with our neighbors.

The Summer Lunch grew out of our long tradition of summer kids programming (see below) and was initially begun in response to the fast-rising food prices of 2008.

Additionally, during the summer months, many of our neighbors face the on-going problemKDC 8 of feeding children whose subsidized school lunches are no longer available once school is out. At Good Works, we continue to serve many citizens who are homeless, on a fixed low-income, who frequently seek assistance through food pantries and who receive food stamps. Through the Summer Lunch program, our goal is to mobilize volunteers to meet the immediate food needs of adults and children during the summer by providing a public meal.

And it is within this event that we find life through connecting—over shared meals—with our neighbors. This inter generational, daily meal has brought us many new smiles and friendships. We are grateful for this and the support of many local individuals, organizations, and businesses who make this possible. We look forward to another summer.

2013-08-02 11.27.38We need volunteers and donations! We need help with cooking and clean-up. These programs are entirely driven by gifts from others: we will be in need of food to feed 70 people every weekday for the summer. Please e-mail us if you would like to help. If you would like to make a donation, click here.




The Good Works WALK has featured a short story about food-related issues for people in poverty. It is called “You Are What You Eat,” and you can read it here.