Becoming a Transformation Station Volunteer

This is an opportunity for you to get resources you need such as vehicles, appliances, bicycles and food. We are constantly seeking donations of these items that are in good, working condition. We receive many items such as these that are beyond what Good Works can use. We want to make these available to you.

People volunteer with us to receive points. One point is received for each morning (9:00-12:00) you volunteer and two points for each day (9:00-4:00). These points go toward the item you are seeking:

  • Vehicles are 24 points
  • Large appliances are 4 points
  • Small appliances are 2 points
  • Bicycles are 2 points
  • A bin of food is 1 point

To sign up with Transformation Station, just call 740-594-3336. You will speak with someone about this volunteer opportunity who will then do a brief telephone interview with you. This will give you a sense of how Transformation Station works and also get you on the list for the item for which you would like to volunteer.

When your name comes up on the volunteer list, we will call you to schedule a time for you to come to Good Works for a tour, complete an application and an informal interview. At that time, we will discuss the guidelines for Transformation Station. You may view these now by clicking here.

We make an effort to provide a way for people with disabilities to participate, either by arranging work suitable to their needs or allowing the volunteer to bring a friend to volunteer with them.

Residents staying at The Timothy House will not be eligible for items in the Transformation Station program until they move out. However, exceptions can be made if they are in need of a bicycle.

This volunteer opportunity is not created for people in crisis. Those who are hungry or in need of other resources will be directed to organizations in our community which provide these resources on an emergency basis.

Good Works will continue to provide emergency food to anyone staying in our shelters at no cost. We will continue to provide an estimated 21,000 meals each year at no cost to them.