Volunteering WITH…

…Transformation Station Volunteers!

There are so many ways in which transformation can take place in Transformation Station. We often think of someone’s life being changed because they received a car or a much needed appliance. While this is true and it does happen, it is not the only level on which transformation can take place.

The beauty of Transformation Station is that people are volunteering WITH people. While going to help someone in the community, a volunteer with Good Works will serve alongside a Transformation Station Volunteer. This is not a volunteer opportunity that is about doing something (though you will be involved with many projects). Rather, it is about who you are doing it with. This crossing of social and economic boundaries is an essential aspect of experiencing the Kingdom of God.

One of our Work Retreat volunteers from Powell United Methodist Church, Karen Barwinski, had this to say about her experience of serving alongside a Transformation Station volunteer:

Matthew West, sings a song in which he is asking God to do something about all the poverty and suffering in the world.  God’s answer is “I did do something.  I created you.”  God calls us to do something to help others around us.

So when my church was having an overnight family retreat to participate in Good Works’ Neighbors Helping Neighbors, my husband, son and I decided to go. We had previously enjoyed being a part of  Friday Night Life and wanted to do something more.

Saturday morning our group gathered together for devotions and were given our jobs.  Our group was to help a man named Dave rake leaves and do some cleaning inside his home.  My son, husband and two others tackled the  raking.  Mary, a transformation station volunteer, and I agreed to do the inside work.   On the way to our location,  Mary shared that she was married and had a one year old daughter and that she was working for points to earn a car.  I thought about how difficult it would be to have a young child and not have a car to go to the grocery store, doctors’ appointments and  other places.  Mary did not let her situation hinder her.   She found Good Works and is doing something to help others and get a car for herself.  We shared the jobs and went through the job list fairly quickly– even doing some of the things on the list for big strong men.

As I reflect back on the day, none of the jobs we did were difficult. Luckily it turned out to be a beautiful day to work in the Good Works garden in the afternoon.  They just needed someone to do some jobs.   If we truly want to be the hands and feet of Christ, we just need to be willing to do some work.

One way in which you can volunteer WITH Transformation Station volunteers is to become a Good Work Volunteer. There is an application process to do this, which makes you eligible to serve many of the Good Works volunteer opportunities. Click here to learn more about Good Works Volunteer Opportunities.

You can also volunteer WITH our Transformation Station volunteers by participating in a Work Retreat. This is a group volunteer opportunity. Several members of your group will serve alongside  one or two of our Transformation Station volunteers. Sometimes in the context of serving someone through Neighbors Helping Neighbors, one-on-one time with the volunteer and the person being served is possible. Click here to learn more about Work Retreats with Good Works.