Want to Help Make Transformation Station Possible?

Donations are what make Transformation Station work. Your items that are in good, working condition can make a big difference in someone’s life…actually it will make a difference for more than just one person. When you donate an item to Good Works Transformation Station, you are not just providing a volunteer with a much needed resource. You are also providing a volunteer to someone who needs help. (See Neighbors Helping Neighbors for more information about people who need assistance at their homes.)


We accept all types of cars, trucks and vans. The vehicles that are most sought after are  small to mid-size cars that are good on gas. A vehicle given to a volunteer has the potential to impact 3-5 families connected to the volunteer. To receive a vehicle, the volunteer must earn 24 points by coming out a half day (9:00-12:00) or a full day (9:00-4:00). Most people receive a vehicle in 12 weeks, volunteering one day a week.

All vehicles must be in good, running condition. We do not accept vehicles that do not run. Good Works does not do vehicle repair. Occasionally we must buy some basic parts for vehicles, such as batteries. We have set up the Transformation Station repair fund to address these needs. Contributions to this fund help us to purchase these parts for individuals receiving their vehicles.


As an alternative to the predatory lending practices of places like Rent-2-Own, the Transformation Station can provide appliances to people with just 2 full days of volunteering. We accept all types of appliances: washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, air-conditioners, microwaves, coffee makers, dishwashers, hot water heaters, toaster overs, etc. Large appliances are 4 points and small appliances are 2 points.

All appliances must be in working condition. We do not repair appliances that do not work.


Bicycles make for an excellent form of transportation for people in Athens. With the Hocking-Adena Bikeway and bike lanes on the roads, Athens is increasingly becoming a bike friendly town. A good bike in working condition can be a valuable means of getting around the city.


Good Works provides meals to people in a variety of ways including meals at Timothy House and Friday Night Life. Food that is provided to people through Transformation Station is for people who are not in a crisis. Those who are in a crisis are directed toward the other meals we provide, or to other organizations in the community providing meals.

If you would like to do a food drive for Good Works, please call us to make arrangements for this. In addition to food being used in Transformation Station, it is also used in our residential programs like Timothy House and for distribution at Friday Night Life.


If you would like to make a donation to Good Works, you can call 740-594-3336. Or you can contact us at email@good-works.net.

Due to staffing limitations, Good Works is not able to pick up donations.

*Some donations are used for Good Works purposes to assist us in the larger mission of serving the people of southeast Ohio who are struggling with poverty before they are made available to the volunteers of Transformation Station. Most donations of vehicles, appliances and bicycles go directly into Transformation Station.