Doug Schmaltz

Hello. My name is Doug and I’m in my sixth year on staff with Good Works. My wife’s name is Emily and we have two daughters, Eleanor and Charlotte and one son, Levi.  Eleanor is three. She loves to read books and be silly and avoid sitting still at all costs. Charlotte was born in January of 2015 having already gone to be with our heavenly Father. We miss her terribly.  Levi is 9 months old and enjoys drooling.

We live in the small community of New Marshfield, which is about nine miles west of Athens. We enjoy living in the Athens County countryside immensely. We maintain a small hobby farm where we raise beef cattle, chickens, bees and a garden. Being agriculturally active is my great passion and a part of the calling God has placed on my life.

The focus of my role here, at Good Works, is to work with Ohio University faculty, students and administrators to create avenues for the OU community to engage the rest of the Athens County community through service and friendship.  The other half of my job is the oversight of our agricultural initiative, Good Works Gardens.

During my time with the Good Works community, God has taught me and continues to teach me the value of a hard day’s work and living life alongside folks that have walked a different path than myself.

At Good Works, what has and continues to sustain me is our approach to service, which we see as an act of worship. Christ tells us in Matthew 25, “whatever you do for the least of these, my brethren, you have done for me.” This means that in our service to our neighbor, we expect to encounter Christ. Consequently, we endeavor to serve but also to be served. In addition, we are members of the body of Christ with each member doing its part (Ephesians ch.4). Therefore, the burden of ministry is not laid on any one person’s shoulders but on the community, where we bear the burden together.