Jeremy Hatfield

I grew up in Pike County in Eastern Kentucky, in a community called Ransom but better known as Blackberry Creek.  I attended Asbury College, now Asbury University, in Wilmore, Kentucky, and in 2004 I came to Ohio University to study history in graduate school.  I have lived in Ohio ever since.  My wife Sally and I met through Reach Out on Campus’s graduate student and young professionals ministry and were married in 2014.  Now, several years after meeting through that ministry, we lead and host it at our home.  We also lead worship at The Plains-Athens Community Church of the Nazarene.

I have been friends with many people from Good Works during my time in Ohio.  I first met Keith Wasserman in 2006 as part of the planning for Veritas Forum at Ohio University.  When I heard about an opening for night shift at the Timothy House, I immediately recognized it as an 
opportunity to serve others and grow closer to God.  I decided to pursue the job and in the process grew in my appreciation for the many ways that Good Works serves the people of the Athens area, in particular in the ways that Good Works prioritizes the creation of community. Now, as a night shift worker, I get to be a part of the Timothy House community not just as a servant to the residents of the house but also as a fellow traveler along the way.  I get to meet people and hear their stories.  I am learning, in the process, what it means to live in the reality of the Kingdom of God in the events of day to day life.