Keith’s Sabbatical Pictorial

Keith's Sabbatical 1

I have been invited to participate in a special 3 year study group organized by Dr. Christine Pohl (Asbury Seminary) and funded by the Lilly Foundation. The group, called Pastors in Community, will meet twice a year to study what makes or breaks a Christian Community. This photo of me was taken at the first meeting held in Lexington, KY last May.



Keith's Sabbatical 2

Asbury Seminary and especially Dr. Christine Pohl and Dr. Jim Thobaben have been so very kind to me. They arranged for me to be a ’visiting practitioner’ during the spring of 2003, providing me an office, and permission to sit in on any class I wanted to.





Keith's Sabbatical 3

I sat in on several classes: Leading Organizations, Leadership as Mentoring, Christian Ethics, John Wesley and the Poor, and World Missions Seminar. What a wonderful and restful time we had at Asbury!





Keith's Sabbatical 4

Timothy got to meet John Wesley while at Asbury. John is still preaching even though his preaching is a bit stiff. This photo was take the day we left Asbury in May.