Megan Roberson

Hello,Megan Roberson

My name is Megan Roberson. After I graduated high school this past June, I decided to take a gap year and go somewhere to serve people. I came to know Good Works through an organization called The Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. They directed me here and I decided to apply for an internship. Through prayer and God’s will, I moved to Athens in February. I am from Richmond, Virginia, and grew up in a house with three sisters! I grew up in the church, and was very involved in my church’s youth group. I went on many missions trips with them and we did many service projects. On my first local mission trip I met an elderly, blind lady named Ms. Clatterbuck. Through our friendship and her kindness, I found my love of missions. I hope to learn through this internship how to serve people better, how to love more, and how to use my gifts to better serve the community of Athens.