Steven Barth

BIO - Steven 1

STEVEN BARTH says, “Since I began to follow Jesus I have experienced how much He cares for each person in the world including myself. I especially have learned that He loves people in Athens Ohio and so do I!
My first experience with Good Works was volunteering at the Timothy House. This was a great experience that I had—beginning to make friends with the residents who were living at the Timothy House. These relationships quickly helped me change my perspective and I came to love it. In 2010, I was invited to come onto night staff and I quickly accepted.

I truly enjoy making friends at the Timothy House and now many former residents continue to be friends who invite me to their homes and whom I invite in mine. In 2011, I began my Masters Degree in Sociology at Ohio University, I planned to move on from Athens Ohio. In school I studied societal inequalities and truly began to see the injustice that occurred for so many people. As I studied, I sensed the inner desire to be a voice for people who are experiencing poverty and injustice. As I considered where to go after Graduate school I read what the apostle Paul said in Galatians when the other Apostles had one request for him to remember the poor. Paul’s response was that serving the poor was the very thing he was eager to do. From there I knew that being at Good Works was where God wanted me to be. When I finished my degree from Ohio University in 2012, I was blessed to have the opportunity to do this work that is on God’s heart: to remember the poor by coming on staff full-time at the Timothy House as a Care-Giver.

I am so happy to have a chance to be in this role. In my role we are working to unite the body of Christ the Church to help people experiencing poverty.

I am so grateful to be at Good Works and in Athens County. I am thankful for my wonderful friend Bobbi to whom I will soon be married. When I am not working I enjoy walking through Athens, reading fantasy, philosophy, and theology books, watching sci-fi tv, and spending time with friends.”

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