Personal Growth of the Alternative Spring Break Group Members

Your time with us is not only about work. It is also about the personal growth of each member of your group. We want the group to see this experience as educational. We continue to learn much about what it means to develop relationships with and serve people who are struggling with poverty. This includes the rather unique component of learning about the people and the culture of Appalachia. It is our hope that everyone in the group can experience some measure of lasting personal growth while serving the people of our community with us.

There are several activities in which you will be involved to enable this to happen.

  1. Morning Conversations with Good Works staff/interns. We will begin our day discussing something that we have learned in the work of serving people who are struggling with poverty. But these are not intended to be lectures or teaching sessions. Rather, they are a chance for us to dialogue with you over some of the issues we are wrestling with. We do not feel we have yet “arrived” and we press on to learn more. The experiences and the perspectives of your ASB group will contribute much to our conversation together.
  2. Participation in Timothy House evening activities. The Timothy House serves people who are struggling with poverty and have found themselves to be without a home. Members of the group may participate in the evening meal and activities that follow. This will depend on how many volunteers are already present in the house and what days of the week you are present. If it looks like this may be a possibility, we will discuss this with you. Unfortunately, not all members of your group will be able to participate in this due to space limitations.
  3. Use of Carter Cabin. Our retreat cabin is available to you if you want to use it while you are with us. We believe that times of reflection are important to our ongoing personal growth. Just let us know that you are interested in making use of this.
  4. Evening Gathering. This is a chance for you as a group to have some time to reflect on your day. This is also a time for the ASB group to share their life journeys with one another, which we have learned is a common dimension of the ASB program. While the Good Works staff and interns are available to participate in these times, it is not required. In some cases, the person from your group who is sharing may not want GW staff or interns present. This also is fine. Please feel free to let us know that you would prefer to lead this time without Good Works staff or interns present. This is not a problem for us. There are spaces in our facilities for you to have this as a private time.
  5. The Good Works TALK. Most often this is the time that Keith Wasserman, founder and executive director of Good Works, will be with your group, discussing how Good Works started as well as the philosophy and vision that guide us in the work that we do today. If Keith is not able to do this, one of the other staff will share this story and their own journey with Good Works.
  6. Following Friday Night Life, whether you are the sponsoring group or a participating group, we will lead a debrief session with your group to reflect on the your experience with us.

The evenings (prior to the Evening Gathering) at Good Works are set aside for your use. We encourage you to develop activities that will balance the work of the day with recreational times that bring the group together again. Basketball and volleyball are available to your group as well as hiking through the trails on our property.

We are grateful for the service you perform for Good Works and on behalf of the people of our community. But we are also seeking to provide you with an experience that will be a catalyst for your personal growth. We are open to your input on how to best do this with your group and with the goals that you have established for your group.