One-Day Work Retreats

September through May


Assisting a neighbor with their vegetable garden and regular mowing.

Good Works welcomes groups (2-20 people) who want to participate in a One-Day Work Retreat. This is a great opportunity to bring people together for a day to serve those in Athens County who struggle with poverty. While relationship building and service is are good motivations to come, we also hope that the community of your group can be strengthened through serving together.

Your group will provide us with help that is very much needed in the care of our properties as you come and spend a day with us. You may be involved with yard work, painting, gardening, construction, wood splitting and other projects associated with the upkeep of the facilities and grounds managed by Good Works. You may also help with some of development projects that we do on these properties.

You will also be involved with Neighbors Helping Neighbors. We provide volunteers to people who are elderly or disabled in our community. These people are struggling not only with poverty, but also with age and disabilities. We seek to develop a relationships with them that is life-giving and sustaining. We also want to assist them with wide range of projects based on the skill levels of our volunteers. It is our hope that this support will enable people in the neighborhood to continue to live safely and securely in their homes.

One-Day Work Retreats can be scheduled in the fall September though November and in the Winter/Spring February through May. We do not usually schedule Work Retreats for the period after Thanksgiving through the February. If this period is a time you are considering, please talk with Paul about this. We may be able to work something out for this to happen.

How you can participate in a One-Day Work Retreat

Read the information on the links below about Work Retreats and then talk with your group about what they would like to do. Try to get some idea of dates you would like to serve together.

The schedule for a One-Day Work Retreat looks like this:

8:15       Arrival
8:30       Devotional time with Good Works staff
9:00       Service
12:00     Community Lunch
12:45     Service
4:00       Departure

Next, call Nick Smith at 740.594.3339 to get some particular information for your group and to set the date. You may also contact us by email at

Reflections from Previous One-Day Work Retreats

Information to Plan a One-Day Work Retreat

Forms you will need for a One-Day Work Retreat