Administrative Fee

…for an OU Work Retreat

May the following serve as a guideline…
Often groups want to come and serve for a day, which we welcome. We must schedule groups in advance and when we do so, we make a commitment to set aside several of our staff for that day. For One-Day OU Work Retreat Groups we ask for a $100 non-refundable administrative fee, which is due with the application. This is good for a group size of 2 people or 25 people.

While there are no other additional fees, we encourage OU groups to consider other ways in which they might support Good Works. Organizing a material donation drive from our needs list is a great way in which you can help us. You can learn about some of our ongoing needs by clicking here. We are grateful for your assistance in providing the resources needed to help our neighbors.

You may also want to consider making a contribution to our Neighbors Helping Neighbors materials fund. On an average year, we serve around 60 families in Athens County with a wide range of physical needs at their homes. Good Works does not provide materials for these projects. It is beyond our resources to do so. But a contribution from your group can make a significant impact on someone who is requesting assistance. For example, materials for a wheel chair ramp cost around $800 depending on the length. While this is a need people have, the funds for the ramp materials are often lacking. Your group can step into this gap and make a significant difference in someone’s life.

Why an administrative fee?

The administrative fee helps to make Work Retreats possible. It is an important financial resource to fund the maintenance and development of Good Works projects. Most importantly, your support enables the work of our staff, interns and volunteers, including your group, to make a commitment and an impact into countless lives of people in our community.

Please contact Nick Smith by phone (740.594.3339) or at if you have any questions or concerns regarding the administrative fee.