The Way We Are – for Work Retreat Groups

Our community welcomes your community. We have established some guidelines that will help us live together. We ask that you would make these your own for the time that you are with us. This will enable all of us as one body to serve our Lord and bring praise to Him.

I made the WIDOW’S heart sing

I took up the case of the STRANGER

I was a father to the FATHERLESS

(Job 29:12-17)


Our vision is to provide a community where healthy communication and godly relationships can flourish! However, we do have a few suggestions for you as you make these relationships the center of your time with us:

  • Your community: It is easy for the community of a small group to become overwhelmed by the community of a larger group. Although we are your hosts for your time with us, you also can be a host by inviting the members of the house into your group activities.
  • Between residents and volunteers: One of the more delicate relationships you will encounter is between you, a volunteer, and one of our neighbors that we are serving. For your safety, it is wise for you to seek counsel from staff before taking this relationship to another level beyond the routine contact you have with people among Good Works. If you are under 18 we will need to speak with your parents.
  • Between unmarried persons: Sexual/Physical contact between unmarried persons on this property is not appropriate. Unmarried persons are asked to refrain from physical affection while on the Good Works properties or serving in the community.
  • Transportation: A situation may arise in which a resident is requesting a ride from you or he/she is offering a ride to you. Please discuss this with staff before you accept. This can be addressed by saying something like, “Thanks! Let me check into this, and I will get back to you.”



Priority #1 – Safety: Your service will take you into a variety of settings, so you should dress for safety. You will be doing some hard and strenuous work. Please wear appropriate clothes, which will protect you, while also keeping you comfortable. We do not consider tank tops and short shorts appropriate clothes to work in. You should also bring shoes that will protect your feet. Wearing sandals while mowing or doing any kind of project will not be permitted. Please use good judgment and err to the side of safety and modesty. Long pants may be required for certain projects during the summer.

Priority #2 — Modesty: All those residing in the Hannah House (whether staff, interns, residents, or guests) are expected to dress modestly so as not to bring offense or temptation to others in the house. Practically speaking: men must wear shirts, and shorts or pants at all times outside of their bedroom; women must wear shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses at all times outside of their bedroom. Shirts without sleeves may be worn. Robes are encouraged for movement between bedrooms and bathrooms, but are discouraged in the general area of the house.



Personal Items: We will secure any personal items, valuables or medications that you may have if you request us to do so. Secured items may not be immediately accessible.

Laundry: You may use the laundry facilities for essential items on an emergency basis.


The Facility

You will be living in a large facility called the Hannah House. It is the home of the HH House Manager, interns and residents who participate in Life in Transition, a long-term recovery program. They are a community sharing their lives with one another for the sake of transformation.

  • First Floor: These areas (excluding offices) are considered “common areas” and are open and available to all residents, volunteers, interns and guests. While the second floor areas have a 10:00 p.m. “closure” time for non-overnight guests, the first floor areas remain open and available for guests (with their hosts) until 11:00 pm. Household activities after 10:00 p.m. need to be considerate towards those who are seeking to study or sleep.
  • Dorm Rooms: You will be staying in two large dorm rooms, one for men and oneBathroom 1Dorm Bathroom 2 for women. During sleeping hours, neither men nor women are permitted in the other room. We ask you to provide your own bed linens or sleeping bags. If someone has forgotten theirs, talk with us. We can provide this to you. Please vacuum/sweep rooms and hallway daily.
  • Bathroom: There is a bathroom on the first floor, which has two sinks, two toilets and two showers in it. Please be conservative with your use of hot water—limit your showers to five minutes. You are requested to take showers in the evening after your day of work if at all possible. Both the men and the women will use the same bathroom at separate times, so modesty and discretion should be practiced. If a situation arises where you need another bathroom, please talk with us, and we will make one available to you.
  • Wood Stove: The task of heating the house is shared by all living and working here. Staff or interns can instruct you in how to use the stove if you’d like. Use all necessary precautions to guard against a fire.
  • Air-Conditioners, Fans, Heaters and Lights: Be considerate of electric usage by turning off air-conditioners, fans, lights and baseboard heaters. Please check to see that everything is off when you are the last to leave the dorm room.
  • Basement: The basement door is located in the hallway to your dorm rooms. However, we ask that this area not be entered into without the consent of the staff or interns. This door is usually kept locked.
  • Second Floor: The second floor areas (including bedrooms, bathrooms, stairwell, hallways, common living room and guest rooms) are considered the private space for all of those living in the Hannah House. Please respect their privacy by not going upstairs unless you have been given permission to do so.
  • Offices: The two offices are for the business of Good Works and strictly for the use of Good Works staff and interns. Residents, guests and volunteers are not permitted in the office without the permission and presence of a staff member or an intern.
  • Telephones: The Good Works business telephone is located in the main office near the kitchen. That number is 740.594.3336. You may use this phone with permission from the staff to make brief calls. Please make your needs known to us and we will accommodate you the best way we can. You may give this number to family members who need to contact you.
  • Curfews: You are asked to be in the house by 10:00 and to observe an 11:00 lights out, in bed curfew time.
  • House Closure Times: The Hannah House will be closed each week on Friday nights 5-9 pm (October through April) and Sunday mornings 10 am – 12:30 pm. When the house is closed, staff may not be available to assist you. Please speak with us if other arrangements are needed.


Meals with Good Works:

We believe that shared meal times are a wonderful opportunity to experience the kingdom of God. You will be sharing meals with the members of the house, staff, Transformation Station volunteers and Good Works volunteers. This is an excellent time for us to sit together to share a meal and conversation. Ask us how we do grace before meals.

While your group is here with us, we turn our kitchen over to you and ask that you include those living in the house in your meals. You can use food from our pantry as our contribution to the meals. Under the leadership of your Meal Coordinator, this means you are responsible for the preparation of food and clean up afterward. However, the people in the house can assist you as needed. We will provide you with an orientation to the food of the house, show you an area of the pantry and a refrigerator for the storage of your food items. (Some food in these areas will be marked as personal for some of the people living here.)

It is possible that some of the members of your group will be going to the Timothy House in the evening. They will be joining in the dinner meal and will not need to bring food with them.

We also ask that you prepare a lunch for a community meal with our volunteers who are with us when your group is with us.



Your safety is a major concern for us. We do not want anyone to get hurt.

Equipment Use: Because we welcome volunteers with such a wide range of knowledge and experiences, we have developed a simple way to help all volunteers be conscious of safety issues. Safety Review Sheets are a quick way to bring to your attention some of the practices that will keep you safe while using our equipment. Please read these and ask questions as needed. You will be using different types of equipment. If you do not know how to use a piece of equipment, please ask. Using these inappropriately is not only dangerous but also damaging and expensive. If we determine that you are not using good judgment in your use of a piece of equipment, we will assign you to another task.

Safety Equipment: The following pieces of safety equipment are available to you while you are with us: safety glasses, ear protection, gloves, helmet/ear/face shield combo, and chaps. Some are optional; some are required. We may ask you to wear a piece of safety equipment that you would not normally wear on your property. Thanks for wearing it here! We are trying to do all we can to keep you safe.

Vehicles: We will primarily be transporting you in our vehicles. We may also request that you use your vehicles for transportation when we are not able to get everyone in our vehicles. Here are a few guidelines for vehicle usage:

  • We may ask group members over 18 to drive one of our vehicles. If you are uncomfortable with this, please let us know. All drivers of Good Works vehicles need to complete an Approval to Use Good Works Vehicles form.
  • Seat belts must be worn.
  • We do not permit anyone to ride outside of a vehicle, including our trucks.

A word for our volunteers about taking pictures of Good Works friends
Because of our responsibility toward the people we are serving through Good Works, and because we are aware of their vulnerability, we ask that you respect the following guidelines regarding photography during your visit with Good Works:

  1. Our first priority is to build relationships with people in a way that honors and respects them. This is our guiding practice and we ask the same of you.
  2. If you would like to take someone’s picture for personal use only, please ask for their permission. With their approval you may do so.
  3. It is our expectation that you would only photograph people you have come to know. Seek to establish a friendly relationship with the person. Become interested in who they are as a person, and discovering their unique qualities and giftings.
  4. If you would like to take photographs for any public use (printed material, bulletins, slide shows, media presentations, social networking media such as Facebook, newspaper, etc.), you will need to first ask Good Works staff overseeing your area for permission to take pictures. Then you will need to ask permission of the person you want to photograph, explaining to them how you want to use the photo.
  5. Regarding pictures of/with children in the GW community: We ask that you do not publish them publicly without the permission of the child’s parent/guardian; We ask that you do not post them on any social media site without specific permission from their parent/guardian.


Use of Good Works Trails

  • There are two types of trails on Good Works property. The first are walking trails with mowed grass that are north of Factory Creek (the facilities side of the property). They travel east and west on the property and are about ¾ mile long.
  • The others are hiking trails south of Factory Creek (you must cross the bridge over the creek to the wooded section of the property). The eastern trail (go left as you cross the bridge) is about ½ to ¾ mile long and is an easy hike with gentle slopes. The western trail is about ¾ to 1 mile long and extends off of Good Works property onto American Electric Power land. It is a more difficult hike with steep grades either direction.
  • Group members who want to walk the trails are free to do so after asking permission of their group leader and/or informing the Hannah House Host.
  • Walking the trails is only permitted during daylight hours and you should plan to be off the trails by dusk. The only exception to this are those who would stay in the Carter Cabin overnight, in which case they may walk the trail from the Cabin to Hannah House as needed.
  • Wisdom and discretion is needed when two people of the opposite sex are walking the trails.
  • Preserve the property by not wandering off the trails. There are also sections of the property with very steep grades and large rocks, a fall from which could result in injury.
  • Trails are not to be used on Fridays 4:30-7:30 during Friday Night Life.
  • The trails owned and maintained by GW are designed to be used by people who have permission or ask permission to use the trails.


Other Items

Smoking: There is No Smoking inside or under any Good Works facility. There are designated smoking areas outside of the facility (picnic tables, back deck, etc.). Please be sure to dispose of cigarette butts appropriately in coffee cans and not on the ground or in the trash cans (where they can cause fire). Failure to smoke outside and in a safe manner can lead to the prohibition of smoking near the house or removal from the facility.

Drugs/Alcohol: No illegal drug or alcohol use is permitted on the Good Works properties or in the facilities. No one using any alcohol or non-prescribed (illegal) drugs will be permitted on our property. Residents or guests will be evicted if it is determined someone has been using illegal drugs.

Weapons: No weapons are permitted on this property. We reserve the right to determine what we consider to be a weapon.

Pornography: Pornography in any format (video, magazines, comics, computer programs, etc.) is NOT permitted on the Good Works properties or in any facility.

Television and VCR Usage: Television and VCR usage are subject to staff approval and oversight and viewing times should coincide with curfew hours. Videos are shown here as an organized house activity and viewed together.

Burning Materials: Due to fire safety issues, the burning of candles, and incense is not permitted.


Thank you for reading The Way We Are and learning about some of the structure we have created for Work Retreats to have a positive and safe Work Retreat.


Note: Volunteers who are seeking to use their volunteer/internship experience with Good Works for some form of credit must make this known in writing prior to the volunteer/internship beginning. This includes, but is not limited to, service learning experiences, class credit, community service hours and scholarship contributions. We will not sign off on any of these experiences without prior approval from Good Works staff through writing and discussion. This includes all individual and group volunteer experiences with Good Works.

Please read the following in preparation for your time of service with us.



What to Bring

Volunteer Release