The Work Retreat Schedule

For a Weekend/Weeklong Work Retreat

About a week before you arrive at Good Works, you will receive by email a first draft of the schedule for your group. This will include notes from Paul who oversees Work Retreats to help you prepare for your time with us. We consider the schedule a beginning point and usually we make daily adjustments to accommodate the needs of your group, the needs of this ministry and the people you are serving. The schedule will get us moving in the right direction. The final schedule for your group will be posted in the Hannah House where you will be staying.

Below is an actual schedule from a 2012 Weekend Work Retreat


Work Retreats with Good Works

Weekend Schedule 

Faith Church

Leader: Carol

Group Members: 15


Craig                                             Carol

Sandy                                            Sandy

Patti                                              Valerie

Matt                                              Janet

Jane                                              Brenda

Carolyn                                         Justin

Sid                                                 Kimberly



Group Goals:

  1. Be helpful to the Good Works projects.
  2. Help St. Paul’s UM be available to the needs of those in southern, Ohio


Some information about your Work Retreat with Good Works:

  • You will be coming to the main Good Works property located at 7857 Luhrig Road, Athens, OH 45701. To inform us of any changes in your plans on your way here, please call 740/594-3336. Please do not call any of the other Good Works numbers as these will not be able to help you.
  • If you are sponsoring Friday Night Life as part of your Work Retreat, your arrival on Friday evening will be at The Plains United Methodist Church, at 3 North Plains Rd (682), The Plains, OH 45780. Please plan to arrive by 4:00. The event will end at 8:00 following a debrief. You will then go to Good Works listed above.
  • You will be serving alongside our Transformation Station volunteers. These individuals, though struggling with poverty, are serving with us and getting a needed resource. It is our hope that you will spend time with them while serving with them, offering friendship to them.
  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a time of service to people in our community who are elderly and/or disabled. Go into this time of service with the intention of getting to know the person you are serving as well as providing them with practical assistance.
  • You will also be serving on Good Works properties, helping us to maintain and develop our properties in service to the people of Athens County.
  • For lunch we bring everyone together for to share a meal. This will include members of your group, GW volunteers, Transformation Station volunteers, staff, interns and possibly some guests. Thank you for providing the food for this gathering to take place!



Friday, September 21

4:00          Arrival at Friday Night Life at Plains UMC

4:30          People begin to arrive

5:30          Community gathering

7:30          FNL debrief

8:00          To Good Works Hannah House

8:30/9     Orientation to Hannah House

11:00       Lights out


Saturday, September 22

8:15          Arrival

8:30          Devotional/Orientation

9:00          Morning Worship Service

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Good Works

12:00       Lunch

12:45       Afternoon Worship Service

4:00          Service end


Dinner and clean up

9:00          Evening gathering


People you will serve and projects you will do:


Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Dave– House cleaning and yard clean up (3)

Rosalene– Tree branch removal and yard clean up (3)

Ann– Mowing (3)

Doris– Mowing (3)

Clark– Cleaning (2)

Melody– Cleaning (2)

These are several people whom you will be serving next weekend. These are all requesting what I am estimating to be half day projects. Everyone will come back for lunch at 12:00 and then be reassigned to someone else to serve.


Good Works

Hannah House – renovation of bedroom and bathroom (3)

We need to do some renovations now that this area will be empty. I am still deciding to what extent we want to do this work, but at the very least it will be painted and thoroughly cleaned.

 Firewood – cut, split and move (4)

I am not sure if this is appropriate for your group, but please tell me if it is not. People of any ability can do this and it is a great help to us in saving on utility costs. Tree companies from the area donate the wood to us. With the help of people like you, we split it for firewood and stack it into out sheds. The wood is split with a log splitter. This can be very hard work, but it can also be adjusted for someone not quite as able to do this. For example, someone can operate the log splitter while others are moving the logs into place.


 Sunday, September 23

10:00       Departure