Family Meals with Good Works

We believe that sharing a meal together is a context for experiencing the kingdom of God, especially when our meals go across cultural, economic and social boundaries. There are some specific ways that we ask you to help us experience the kingdom of God over meals during your Work Retreat with Good Works. This is an extension of our hospitality paradigm. We do not want this to be a burden to you, but a blessing in which you encounter Jesus.

Each of the meals that we will have together is an opportunity for us to gather together as the people of God. We do not eat separately, but intentionally together. We want your family to participate in the gathered meal times with Good Works.

Families are invited to join in meals with us, but there is no expectation to provide this food. If there is a Work Retreat group with us, they will be including you in their meal. We just ask that you find a way to contribute to the meal as needed. This could be assisting with preparation or helping with clean up. Sometimes there may be so many people in the group providing the meal that you simply need to receive the meal with gratitude and be present with us.

However, if you would like to participate more intentionally in providing food and meal preparation, if this is something that energizes you, please talk with us about this. We would like to give you the opportunity to serve in this way as part of your Work Retreat with Good Works.

If you like, you can learn what we ask a Work Retreat group to do in helping us accomplish our vision for Meals. Click here to read Meals with Good Works.