Orientation and Communication during a Family Work Retreat

After you arrive, a member of the Good Works community will be present to welcome you. Who this is will depend on when you arrive. It could be an intern, the House Manager, the Director of Operations or some other designated staff person. They will show you where the kitchen facilities are and what food is available to you. They will also show you the dorm rooms or the room you will be staying in on the second floor. After that you can unload and bring items to the appropriate places. It is our preference that you arrive after your family has had dinner, though it is possible that you may join in an evening meal that is going on.

One of these individuals could be someone who is designated to “Host” for the evening. The Host is a key, go-to person for your family. Each evening you are in the house, there will be someone assigned to generally oversee the activities of the house. Most likely, they will be the one who welcomes you and provides an orientation for your family. He/she will also be available to answer questions about the kitchen, chores, the food pantry and Good Works in general. Please do not hesitate to seek assistance from this person. They are present to help you.

After you get settled in, an orientation to Good Works in general and the Hannah House in specific will be given to your family. This will take 30-45 minutes and is intended to be a welcoming of your family to our community. You will be introduced to those living in the house and we will go over some guidelines for living together for the week. (We would actually like for this to be a review for the members of your family. It is important that you go over the Participant Packet information with everyone in your family prior to coming. This will prepare them for the Work Retreat and gives them the opportunity to process some of these things before they get here.) This is a great time to ask questions. We would encourage you to have each member of your family ready to participate by preparing five questions to ask us during your visit.

While you are here, we will set aside times as needed to discuss any issues that come up regarding your time of service with us. Please feel free to bring up any problems or concerns that you may have. It is our desire to give you a positive service experience while you are with Good Works. The purpose of the orientation and the communication structure is to do what we can to make sure that happens. Unmet expectations are a source of problems for both sides. These times of talking with one another will help us to minimize the kind of misunderstandings that create avoidable problems.

A word about living in reconciled relationships

Living in reconciled relationships is a high priority for the staff of Good Works both with one another and with the larger community. We are committed to resolving any conflicts or issues of concern that come up while you are with us. We have attempted to put in place a structure that will facilitate this, but our efforts toward reconciliation must go beyond just following a structure. Together we must commit to one another to live in a reconciled relationship. You are free and have our permission to approach us at anytime about any issue that comes up during our time together. Our desire is to provide you with a positive, life-changing experience of relational service. But these efforts will be undermined by unmet expectations and unresolved conflicts. Please help us to not let this happen by talking with us about any difficulties that are surfacing.

Thank you for helping us to communicate well!