Requested Donation

…for a Family Work Retreat

Since around 2005, the Requested Donation for Work Retreats have remained the same. For more than 10 years, the generosity of all who have participated with us has sustained us and enabled us to cover some of the costs associated with this aspect of Good Works. 

However, we are no longer finding this to be the case. The cost to fund a single day for a Work Retreat group now requires us to transition to a new structure in order to continue Work Retreats. 

Transportation expenses and insurance costs have increased dramatically over the past 10 years. Income from Requested Donations also assist to cover some of the staff and intern compensation. To create and facilitate a meaningful experience for all participants, we need to make some changes in the Requested Donation. 

In 2016, we will be transitioning to a new structure for Requested Donations, to be fully in affect January 2017. Below you will find the language and actual Requested Donation for 2017. However, if your Work Retreat has been scheduled prior to this statement, the language on your application will be honored.

As always, please speak with us about your particular situation. It is our desire for you to come and serve.


May the following serve as a guideline…
Our desire is for families to come serve together and we want to make this as accessible as possible. The Requested Donation for a Family Work Retreat, whether one-day or weeklong is a $100 deposit which is due with the application. This is good for any size family.

While there is no specific Requested Donation for the actual day of service, or for a Work Retreat of several days and nights, we do encourage families to consider an additional offering. Good Works has many needs that we are trusting God to meet. If you are able or would like to help with the cost of any of these needs, please let us know.

Organizing a material donation drive from our needs list is another way in which you can help us. You can learn about some of our ongoing needs by clicking here, or we can send you a current urgent needs list. We are trusting God to move his people to help with HIS MINISTRY here.

You may also want to consider making a donation to our Neighbors Helping Neighbors materials fund. Good Works does not provide materials for these projects. It is beyond our resources to do so. But a contribution from your group can make a significant impact on someone who is requesting assistance. For example, materials for a wheel chair ramp cost around $800 depending on the length. While this is a need people have, the funds for the ramp materials are often lacking. Your family can step into this gap and make a significant difference in someone’s life.

Why do we call this a donation?
Although this could be called a fee that is due, we prefer to consider it a donation. We want Work Retreats to be accessible to all groups and families of various economic levels. Each year we have a few groups come that are not able to give the requested amount to us. We recognize that for some churches and groups this donation request can be a challenge. For others, this is not difficult. Please do not allow this request to stop you from coming and serving with us. We would like to adjust this donation according to the circumstances of your group. If you find that this suggested amount is too much, please discuss this with us so we can work with you to come up with a more workable option. Your presence with us and the relationships that will form is what is most important to us.

The Request Donation is what makes Work Retreats possible. It is an important financial resource to fund the maintenance and development of the Good Works properties and facilities. It also helps to defray the expenses associated with your stay in the Hannah House. Most importantly, your support enables the ministry of our staff, interns and volunteers, including your group, to make an impact into countless lives of people in our community.