Your Commitment to a Family Work Retreat

Good Works volunteer opportunities are designed to be dependent on people who will come and serve. We want to move each family along the continuum from “I want to serve” to “I am going to serve.” As you begin the process of planning for your family to come, willingness translates into commitment and we plan accordingly. In other words, the projects we plan for you are based not on your willingness to come, but on your commitment to come. For that commitment we are grateful. We cannot do this work apart from your commitment to come and serve.

We have also discovered that personal growth does not happen apart from commitment. We can say that we are interested in learning to love our neighbor, but apart from a commitment to do so, no real change takes place in our lives. Commitment places pressure on us to make the necessary changes and as a result we grow. As you commit to a Work Retreat, it will be a catalyst for growth in yourself and your family members.

Depending on the time of year you come to serve, your family will be involved with several GW ministries such as Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Kids Discovery Club & Summer Lunch, GW Development Projects, The Timothy House, Friday Night Life and various maintenance needs of the ministry. We have made commitments to people in our community on the basis of your commitment to come serve with us.

The worst possible scenario is when a group or a family makes a commitment to us and then has to cancel because of lack of participation or a change in plans. Your commitment is important to us and as you commit to us, we also are committing to you. Thanks for honoring this commitment.

If it becomes necessary for you to cancel, please consult with us first. Maybe there is some adjustment that we can make so you can keep your commitment. We want you to come and we want to do all that we can to make that possible. People have trusted us with their need and we are trusting you to help us meet that need.

Thanks for keeping your commitment to us.

It really means a lot.