The Hannah House Plaque


A ministry of Good Works, Inc.
A Community of HOPE

The name HANNAH HOUSE is taken from the Old Testament book of I Samuel where we meet Hannah, the mother of Samuel, the prophet to the nation of Israel.

Our prayer for those who visit or live in this house as as follows:

May there be many like Samuel, born (and born again) in this house; many who will learn as Samuel did (I Samuel 3) to hear God’s voice in their own life ; many who will become, as Samuel was, a prophetic influence into their own generation.

May there be many who come to this house like Hannah with “spiritual barrenness” who experience the blessing of a ‘double portion’ of God’s grace.

Even as Hannah was deeply troubled and experienced the ‘bitterness of soul’ from her barrenness, may God keep each of us who serve here “troubled” with a heart to cry out for those who are in need to the redemption found in a relationship with Jesus.

May every son and daughter who lives in this house be empowered with the vision of Hannah to be dedicated to the Lord’s service.

May the God of Israel grant what we have asked of HIM.

– I Samuel 1 & 2