Name of the Carter Cabin


Named In Honor of
Robert Stewart Carter
1958 – 2012

The community of Good Works built this solitude retreat cabin in 1999. It was the first new facility constructed on the Good Works Luhrig Road property. Our vision was to create a place of rest, reflection and solitude, a place where anyone can enjoy nature, experience healing, and deepen their relationship with God. We believe that Bob Carter modeled these “holy habits” to us and that it is fitting to name this cabin in honor of his life.

Bob Carter and Keith Wasserman met in 1977 when they were students at Ohio University. They were both 19 years old. They lived together on the East Green of Ohio University’s campus and also at 3 Elliott Street the year before Keith started Good Works at that location. Bob and Keith remained close friends and prayer partners in the early 1980’s, and it was during that season that Bob went to Princeton Theological Seminary. After Bob completed his Master of Divinity at Princeton, he returned to Athens to become the first full-time staff person at Good Works other than Keith. He joined the staff in 1987 and left the staff in 1997. Bob has profoundly shaped the theological foundation and philosophy of Good Works both through his friendship with Keith and through the years he gave himself to loving the people Good Works serves.