Praxis is a new Good Works initiative that will launch in February 2017.  Praxis is an invitation to Ohio University faculty and students to join us in our efforts to care for our neighbors here, in the Athens County community.  Praxis is structured in such a way that it fits well into the Service Learning curriculum that is currently being implemented by many Ohio University course instructors, across a wide spectrum of disciplines.  Praxis is particularly well suited for courses carrying the “C” class designation.

Students that participate in Praxis will be invited to participate in several Good Works initiatives including The Good Works Timothy House, Good Works Gardens, Neighbors Helping Neighbors and Friday Night Life.  Small groups of students will participate in these initiatives on a weekly basis for a period of seven weeks.  In addition, Good Works staff will hold a weekly meeting, on campus, that will examine and explore the beauty, history, values, needs and culture of Athens County.

Through Praxis, it is our intention to afford students an opportunity to engage the Athens County community in a meaningful way.  It is our hope that interested course instructors will incorporate Praxis into their course curriculum.    Consequently, we are asking participating students to commit to attending four out of seven meetings each semester and six out seven service experiences, called Transformation Groups.

If you are an Ohio University faculty member or a student participating in a Service Learning course and you’re interested in hearing more about the Praxis program, please read the following document for details:  Praxis Spring 2017  If you have questions about the program please contact Doug Schmaltz at or 740.594.3339.