Serving with Kids’ Discovery Club

Summer Kids’ Discovery Club Welcomes You!

Hello! My name is Emily Axe, director of the Summer Kids’ Discovery Club. Thank you so much for your desire to serve with us during your time in Athens, Ohio.  Below you will find information pertaining to the Summer Kids’ Discovery Club and your participation with us.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your week with the Summer Kids’ Discovery Club please feel free to contact me at 740.594.3339 or via email.

What is the Summer Kids’ Discovery Club?


  • Under the leadership of Good Works’ staff, interns and volunteers, the Summer Kids’ Discovery Club seeks to provide a safe, cost-free and meaningful summer-long experience for kids from all backgrounds between the ages of 5 and 12.
  • Each day of Kids’ Discovery Club has a specified theme that all activities, presentations and games are focused around. Click on Summer KDC flyer to view these themes for 2017.
  • Through one-time presentations on a variety of topics such as nature, musical instruments, horses, nutrition, and farming, community members and Work Retreat members can share something new with (and sometimes, learn from!) the kids who participate in the summer with us.

Where does the Summer Kids’ Discovery Club take place?

  • The Kids’ Discovery Club meets each day at The Plains United Methodist Church from 9am to 1pm. We ask all Work Retreat members to arrive between 8:45 and 9am, you will travel with one of our Summer Intern staff to this location.

What is the role of a Work Retreat member at Kids’ Discovery Club?

  • We ask that you:
    • Provide assistance to full-time leaders and staff
    • Interact one-on-one with kids
    • Participate in singing and playing—be a role model of good participation!
    • Sit with kids at lunch
    • Help with clean-up and encourage the kids to do so
    • Take part in planning the following days’ activities
    • Plan to lead Faith Time on the Friday of the week you are with us
    • Participate in debrief (this will be at the end of Discovery Club Monday, Tuesday and Thursday until 4pm)
    • Offer insight to full-time leadership of KDC
  • Bring your ideas! We intentionally do not plan out each activity every day because we know from experience that Work Retreat participant’s often bring wonderful ideas.
    • Some craft supplies are available including: construction paper, crayons, markers, glue, scissors, paint, etc…but we welcome other materials that your group may want to bring. We also welcome new craft ideas, songs for the Club to learn or activities/games you would like to try.
  • Each day of Discovery  Club has a theme.
    • Community members sign up to lead presentations and stations with Discovery Club. We may ask Work Retreat members to also come up with additional activities, games and leadership during your week with us. We want you to leave your mark on Discovery Club. Please feel free to bring ideas, songs, games, etc… that you would like to present for the kids.








Other Information to know about Kids’ Discovery Club

  • We ask that 3-5 people (16 years or older) from your group be assigned to Kids’ Discovery Club for the entire week. Having members with us for the entire week allows your group to build relationships and trust with the kids and their families. It is helpful to determine who these people are before you begin your week with Good Works.
  • You will participate in an orientation with two of our Kids’ Discovery Club staff Sunday night of your arrival.
  • It is important to note that we are looking for members of your Work Retreat who would find joy in spending time with our kids during your week of service. You don’t have to be a professional to be a good role model and we are excited for those who simply want to build relationships and spend time in play with our kids this summer.

NOTE: Work Retreat members who are parents with children can be a part of Kids’ Discovery Club during their week. If they would like for their children to participate with Discovery Club the week they are with us, that’s fantastic! We do ask that they follow the same guidelines and rules as other families of Kids’ Discovery Club. Children of Work Retreat members do need to fill out a registration form per child before participating. The registration form can be found here, we also will have some available onsite.

Typical Daily Kids’ Discovery Club Schedule:

8:45 AM – 9:00 AM Work Retreat members arrive at The Plains UMC
9:00 AM Arrival and Check-In of KDC participants
9:30 AM Daily activities begin (Children may be divided into several groups depending on the days activities and presentations).
11:10 AM Faith Time begins (Children are separated into two separate age groups)
11:45 AM Discovery Club transitions into Community Lunch
12:00 PM The Community Lunch begins, followed by unstructured free time
1:00 PM Discovery Club ends and children should be picked up!
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Clean up at the church and transition to the Luhrig Road property for planning meeting. This meeting happens Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.